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One Door Closes, Another One Opens!

I started networking with everyone I know in town over a year ago, I was super focused on products, lifestyle shoots for businesses, family & friends gatherings and business events.

How could I gain more clients?

Who else could I talk to about my business?

Who needs business headshots?

It was a good run with landing several family and friends gatherings, few product shoots, and most importantly lot of events. After doing a commercial lifestyle shoot with Summer, she suggested I should help “branding” models and actors images. I asked myself, “How do I do that? Where do I start?”

I joined several Facebook groups in my local community; I reached out to many people who have certain looks on their instagram. I started asking people if they would be willing to collaborate with me. As months had gone by, I noticed my own growth with my technique and my vision. I started to feel lot more confident shooting with artists.

December of 2021, I collaborated with my new dear friend Juliana (which I call her my muse now). She suggested I need to get my photos published. Yet again, I asked myself “How do I do that?”

She shared the information with me where I can go… Next thing you know, BAM! We were accepted and my first publication was released in January of 2022 with Malvie magazine (Noir Edition).

I set a new goal for myself; I want to reach certain amount of publications (not with a timeline).

I also started looking into how to be featured by major publications out there…

February of 2022, I was so excited when my photo with Alex being picked to be featured on PhotoVogue at My mind went wild and totally shifted my gear from 2nd to 3rd and 4th. We are now in May of 2022, I have 110 publication acceptances (which 80 of them have been released) - including several web features. I am now connected with an agency who actually wants me to success and helping me to grow.

When I lost a big account last month (for events), I was not sad or stressed. I was relief. Because when that door closed on me, I knew the universe has just opened this new door for me… It says, “Hey, look over here!”

I still work on my business side projects, but this new adventure truly brings me joy and satisfaction.

I get to be creative and work with other amazing talents in the industry.

So next time a door closes on you, pay attention where is that new door has just opened for you.

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