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When it comes to lifestyle sessions, the storytelling must be genuine and honest.

Is it something what someone would do?

Is the setting in line with the brand that you are shooting for?

How do you utilize lifestyle photos to represent that brand effectively?

Lifestyle photography is about how to relate your products and/or service to your audience.

They need to be product/service focus and have the "commercial" vibe that you are looking for.

KEEP THE NOISE DOWN - Don't add too many unnecessary items in your shots

FOCAL POINT - Pay attention to your composition; what do you want your audience to see

CONNECTION - Your image needs to connect with your audience "emotionally". It needs to create that

"Want" and/or "Need" because the bottomline is having someone to purchase your products or contract

for your service.

Just remember, lifestyle shoot is mostly for an advertising/marketing campaign. It is a commercial shoot for your target audience. Choose your models wisely and make sure they represent your brand.


First 2 photos - Joe (IG: @the_joe_slaughter) and Tal (IG: @iamtallee)

Wearing The Man Refined (IG: @themanrefined Web:

Third photo - Chih-Ching (hair and makeup artist, IG: @chihching_hmua)

Fourth photo - Dymone (IG: @randumbhandsome)

Last photo - PresLeigh (IG: @presleigh_gold) and Brady (IG: @havilandbrady)

Clothing from national resale Uptown Cheapskate (IG: @uptowncheapskate)

MUA for PresLeigh - Danielle (IG: @makeupby_daniellen)

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