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Editorial, Commercial & Athletic

There are 3 types of modeling: Editorial, Commercial and Athletic.

I dedicate this blog to explain what each type of modeling means for someone who wants to become a model or fairly new to the business.


Editorial is about storytelling.

When we look at these images, they should be telling us those compelling stories.

Some editorial photos have very elaborated themes - backdrop, props, wardrobe, hair and makeup.

However, an experienced model should be able to do just that without all the bells and whistles.

Someone who is photogenic does not automatically mean that they can be great at editorial work.

We, creators often look for unique faces with amazing jawlines and cheekbones.

Does that mean you cannot become an editorial model if you don't have that? No.

My job is to find the best angles of my models during photoshoot sessions.

Do models always have to look intense or mad to get that editorial look? No.

Some of my favorite models whom I work with have the best signature smiles that are super editorial.


Commercial is "Brand" focused.

These images are all about the products that you are trying to sell.

If you are the model, you are actually the prop (A very good looking one).

The main goal is to attract the consumers, you as a model need to look happy and/or confident with those products.

Commercial shots are usually used for marketing and advertising campaigns.

They need to be relatable for their targeted audience.

When it comes to different types of product, it would be helpful for you (as a model) to know what kind of commercial model you are. Correct, there are many out there.

If you are not someone who use or love about skincare, you are most likely not the best fit for a skincare commercial. It would be like you got booked for a bicycle campaign, but you don't know how to ride a bike. Stick with your niche.


It is exactly what it is.

Athletic wear, athletic gear and food & drinks products.

Technically, athletic is part of "commercial". However, this is a lifestyle.

As I mentioned earlier, models should only choose the types of modeling that work for them.

You should be an athletic person to try getting booked for athletic lifestyle campaigns.

For someone who tries to become an athletic model, you will need the physique to go for that.

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