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I am a freelance photographer/creator who custom-tailors contents and solutions for your professional and/or personal requisite.


Photography has been my passion for more than 10 years. 

Franciation Photography focuses on building the trust in your brand.

I am here to capture those stories that you want to share with your audiences.


  • Photographed DreamWorks producer John Swanson

  • Documented events with Congressman Burgess Owens, Congressman Blake Moore and Congressman Chris Stewart

  • Featured on PhotoVogue at,,  and

  • Published in 15 countries - Publications include Moveux, Malvie, Moevir, FIENFH, Katana, Gerbera, Roidx, Pump, Kazarj, Vigour, Lenore, Ciin, L'Amour, First, iMirage, Style Cruze, Men Cruze, Teen Cruze, SELIN, Bloom, Vous, Artells, Via Donna, Dappy fashion, Edith MOD, Edith, L’Attirance, Horizont, Out & Out, Swanky, GMARO, Off Town, Top Shot, Beautica, Dolce, Marika, LeDesir, 1723, GOJI, PENG, MVIBE, MAKESENSE, Isabella Men, ELLAS, RAAMAT, Top Posters, 6X, 6X Teen, Opium Red, Universo Musculino, GEZNO, FIGGI, Luxia, Ellements, Untold, PEM and MOB Journal

  • Swanky Interview:

  • Moveux Interview:

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