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In life, we look for someone who can counter-balance with us... Like our yin and yang.

They don't have to be love relationship; we can find counter-balance in friendship, family and coworkers.

Sometimes one can be impatient while they have a friend who has the calmness to balance it out.

My sister talks a lot while my brother is always quiet. That combo sure did keep my family in balance.

When it comes to couple or group shoots, that "counter-balance" energy is very important.

The chemistry and dynamic between them can certainly make it or break it...

Even though we might have discussed the concepts among us, the outcome does not often come out as we wished. When the models have that unique "Electro-Chemistry" on set, it is truly magical!

Putting 2 amazing models together for a shoot does not automatically equal magic.

They do need to understand how to work with each other as well as what kind of energy they bring.


Rae Serbeck @raeserbeckoffical

Emily Clark @emis.album

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