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Impactful Content 101

When it comes to creating contents for your portfolio, website, social media, or email blasts...

How can you make sure your image is IMPACTFUL for what you are trying to achieve?

First and foremost, ask yourself these following questions:

When - will these contents being released?

Is your imagery seasonal? Holiday theme? or Evergreen? If you did a photoshoot with a model wearing tank top and shorts, those contents should be used during summer months. For example, you won't post Christmas outfits in August.

Where - are you using these contents?

Website? Store signage? Social media? Don't forget to make sure your camera is set to capture the correct pixels! If you need to blow up a photograph as a store signage, it must be clear.

Who - are you trying to reach?

As mentioned in previous blog, your target audience is the key.

Make sure your contents are always relevant to your target audience. Demographics certainly play an important part. However, do not forget to target at the correct location(s). For example, if you are going to do a promo piece on Instagram (pay service), choose your target audience correctly.

What - story are you trying to tell?

As I have mentioned in previous blog, be clear on the message you are trying to deliver.

The content should be precise. Less is more.

How - do you expect someone to remember your contents?

Funny? Sad? Cool? Cute? Handsome? Sexy?

The "connection" you are creating in the contents is what make people remember.

A backsplash in a kitchen (real estate photo), bright red lipstick color (on a model), a salmon burger (on a plate featuring a restaurant), athletic wear (a model exercising in them)...

They are all subjective. Therefore, don't get discouraged if it does not reach everyone.

Not everyone wants the same backsplash, lipstick color, food item or even doing exercise.

After you have answered these questions, Let's dive in!

Either you are shooting a model (human) or a product (object), you will need to create an interesting and strong composition within the frame.

Create balance/symmetry or a focal point! Utilize the line(s) to lead the eyes to the main subject of the image.

During the years of visual merchandising in stores, I created many displays to train customers' eyes to look at focal points. Basically, I created what I want them to look at from a display!

A "pyramid" shape is often the most effective on a display. It is the same theory here with creating an impactful image.

Sometimes, a reverse pyramid works as well. It all depends on how you create the composition within the frame. And remember, there is no rules about "the whole subject (model or product) must be shown fully"!

Now, go and have fun to create some strong impactful contents for your next post, website updates, or store signage. Come back next time for more tips and tricks on "how you can create the dramatic effects" on your contents!

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