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Going from Good to Great

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

How does someone become a great model? As I asked myself that question, I reached out to my peers as well as several seasoned models to gain some insights.

As photographers/creators, we want our contents to be strong, impactful and convey the stories clearly to our audiences. As I mentioned on previous blog, having the right equipment is only part of the mix. Finding the perfect model surely make the world of difference.

“I can say that for any model to become great you have to collaborate with other great talented artists.” said Luna Malyna (photographer). We feed off each other’s vibes to create those magical moments. As we work with other talented individuals, each person elevates their performances and strengthens the whole photo session experience. “Some people have a natural talent that cannot be taught.” Nu Wilson (photographer).

Mat Santos (model/actor), “Honestly practice doing it over and over again, so that you can learn your angles. What positions look good, develop new angles, etc.” People often say practice-makes-perfect; practicing in front of a mirror would show yourself 1) how you look within the frame and 2) what are your best angles. Mat also suggested, “Knowing how to work with a photographer and learning to transition between poses.”

“We as models get to “print a picture” in one still image; and that’s the difficult but beautiful piece about it. Knowing how to create movement, expression, shape and emotion.”, Ethan Kartchner (model/actor). “To speak with your body, that is what creates stunning imagery and stories. Looking flawless and pretty is not modeling.”

Exactly, how can one turn from just a pretty face to a talented model in front of cameras?

Marin Burraston (modeling coach), “They obviously have learned their angles and have tremendous body awareness, so they can do poses on the spot and can picture in their head what they look like. But all this comes down to practice, work with other creatives and have boundaries!”

“I think when a model learns to be humble and courageous, they unlock a sense of tenacity.” said Brady Hamilton (model). Personality plays a big part on set; I can speak to that with my own experiences. When I worked with someone who is talented with the best attitude and personality, our session went extremely well and we were able to create what we have envisioned.

Either you are a seasoned model or someone who is up-and-coming, don’t give up on your dream. We can all continue to learn new skills and better ourselves. Opportunities are endless. So go out there today and get it!

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