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Deliver Effective Messages

Have you ever wonder why certain content seemingly performs better than others?

To deliver an effective message, first you must create impactful contents. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of these contents you are about to create?

“A picture is worth a thousand words” as you might have heard that before.

Your contents must serve as the key communication piece with specific purpose.

(more details on impactful contents will be discussed on my next blog)

After you have created your impactful contents, here are few tasks you must consider

to deliver your message effectively -

  1. Target Audience - Who is your audience? Is the image and/or text relevant to the industry you are targeting? If you try to sell your service, show an image of your interaction with clients.

  2. Simplicity - Are you trying to deliver too many messages at once? Be clear and direct on what you want to say. What is the story you are telling?

  3. Connection - Contents must be relatable to your target audience. For example if you make and sell skateboards, your image should be the movements/motions of someone riding on a skateboard.

  4. Proper Channel(s) - Know your demographics and their behaviors. If you are targeting Gen X and Boomers, you might need to send out mailers or emails. For younger crowds, you should focus on text messaging and social media such as Instagram. Do your homework prior to launching your tailored campaign.

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Perfect directive for moving out into a new space. Tight and pithy!

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