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Connection (noun)

A relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

Human needs to connect with others. From our childhood friends to our coworkers... We connect and build that bond and trust. Sometimes that bond and trust will help us to grow and guide us where we need to be. Other people's skills, knowledge and talent can benefit us either for a specific period of time, or for life.

Sure, there are many loners and I personally love my alone time (a lot, I won't lie). When it comes to business setting, we must build that connection with people that can help us to success...

Employers and employees, managers and staff, business owners and clients...

In my case, the relationship between my models and myself are very important. The connection will enable me to create the contents that I am looking for. When we trust each other and sharing that good vibe, we are having fun together.

You might ask, "What do you do to create that connection?"

  1. Communication - I communicate clearly with anyone who I do a photo session with. I offer detailed agenda with how the session would go (10 minutes warm up, 15 minutes close up, 15 minutes movements, etc.)

  2. Expectations - I set clear expectations on what kind of contents I am looking for, which include asking the model(s) to do their homework and study prior the photoshoot.

  3. Mood - For the most part, I like to go with the mood of my model(s) on the day of shooting. I don't mean that I would let someone to be all sad and moody during the whole set. But those emotions can offer some unexpected outcomes.

  4. Storytelling - I explain to all my model(s) how I shoot and what I need from them. We "as a team" are trying to create stories to tell our audience. Their body language and how they connect with the camera is the key to compose these stories.

Try to connect with your model(s) next time and create something magical!

Photos: Documentary Lifestyle Session by Franciation Photography

with Dan Garcia (photographer/stylist/model coach) and his models

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