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Choosing The Right People

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

I had a conversation with another photographer two weeks ago. He said, “I can have all the right equipment, lighting and camera… but having a great model make a world of difference.” I cannot agree more.

Choosing to work with the right people is super important. With strong seasoned models, I am able to capture my vision and tell their stories through imagery. Not that I cannot create good contents with newer models, but I would need to guide them along the way.

When I work with a great model, magic happens.

We feed off each other vibes and collaborate through our visions. As all of those components come together, the images are rainbows and fireworks!

My therapist told me once, “only choose people who would offer you the answer YES.”

We often barked at the wrong trees and got NOs over and over. From now on, choose the right people.

Don’t spend your time on people who won’t reply, ghost you, or cancel on you all the time. They are stopping you from your journey to success.

Models: Juliana Cassiano & Danielle Nielson

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