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A Successful Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Planning for a photoshoot?

Sure it can be stressful... but we have to keep it fun!

To have a successful shoot, we must start with the basics.

Talk it through with your creative team including your stylist, makeup artist, etc... Everyone might be able to offer something fun and creative that you have not thought of.

Here are few items to consider and put them to use!

  1. Concept(s) - Come up with several concepts that you are interested in shooting. Create storyboards and envision how you might want the final outcomes to be. If this is a job, make sure you gain insight from your client before creating your concept(s).

  2. Shot list - Once you have the concepts, create a shot list. Give yourself a timeframe how long you would take to shoot each concept. *Do NOT forget to count the changing outfit and touch up on makeup time... You don't want to run over time if you are renting a studio or you can't finish the whole shot list provided by a client.

  3. Location(s) - Picking the location(s) you want to shoot is important. That can tie in with your concept(s) directly. You want to visit site(s) prior to your shoot, maybe even before you come up with the whole concept of the shoot. You need to know what you might need to bring along to the location on the day of the photoshoot.

  4. Props - Speaking of what you might need to bring along for the shoot. Once you find out what the location(s) might offer... You might need to bring tons of props for the shoot. Barstool, chair, photoshoot tools and equipment, etc.

  5. Styling - Don't be shy or cheap to hire a stylist. We are all great at doing something specific. Having a stylist who can coordinate all the clothing and accessories can be very efficient and time saving. With clear communication with your stylist, it can help the whole shoot come to live! Make sure you also have amazing hair and makeup artists. I was very lucky to have my talented friend Jona, who is a triple threat with the knowledge of styling, hair, and makeup!

  6. Lighting - This is a key component to determine where you want to do the photoshoot. Natural day light? Indoor studio with flash? How do you envision your photos outcome?

Overall, just be organized and prepared prior the actual day of the shoot.

Don't forget to have fun while you do your shoot!

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