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Photography has been my passion for more than 10 years.  I am a freelance photographer/creator offering solutions for professionals.  Franciation Photography focuses on building the trust in your brand through Personal Image Branding, Lifestyle Documentary and Product Compositions.  Tailored contents are created to be relatable with targeted audiences.  I am truly zealous about photography, images are deliberately captured with my distinctive DNA during each photoshoot session.



"Franciation Photography creates with you, the star you never imagine was in you.  He’s not only doing photography; he challenges you to bring your outfits and your ideas.  Like I said, a new star will be born.”

photo jun 07, 12 45 20 pm.jpg

Branding Therapist

"Francis is amazing at making his models feel at ease.  The results are natural photos that truly captures the essence of the person.  I highly recommend him and can't wait to work with him again."

photo feb 28, 1 54 54 pm.jpg

Business Owner

"I was very impressed with the work Francis put into our most recent photoshoot.  He spoke with me in advance to confirm our concepts and vision, and was very professional during our time on set.  I was thrilled with the photos he took, and felt that it captured the vision I imagined for my branding and needs.  He went above and beyond my expectations with his work and talents, and I look forward to shooting with him again."

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"His ability to capture every subtle nuance and elevate them into stunning photos all in an effortless and creative way is beyond incredible."



"Absolutely killer work at all times! In my years of working with photographers, he is one of my absolute top and has such a vibe about him that you truly feel comfortable.  Something you can see and feel in all photos he captures.  Trust me when I say, that is hard to find!"

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