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The Stories

With technologies in the recent years, everything has become digital. Most people no longer own any CDs and/or DVDs; we definitely don’t have a land line at home anymore. Imagery are now floating in the clouds or stored inside our phones.

When I started my photography business over a year ago, my dear friend suggested I should print my images onto books. One, I can hold them and flip through those pages. Two, I get to share the special projects and moments with my clients and models. There is nothing like holding a book to smell the paper and ink. A great story can certainly be captivating and keeps you reading; I am telling each distinctive story through my photo story books.

The first few books I printed was for my best friend, Stephanie. I created product compositions for her brand, The Man Refined, Fall/Winter 2020 and Spring/Summer 2021. Followed by the studio shoot with four talented models Ethan, River, Corey and Brandon. Thank you to my BFF, these projects offered the new confident in me to pursue a new adventure during the year of paralysis.

Documenting lifestyle stories for wedding, birthday and family function are exciting and rewarding. I got to capture those unforgettable moments for somebody. These stories ain’t just “what happened that day”; these are memories that will stay with them forever. Someone would flip through my photo story books one day and relive the special moments 10 or 20 years from now.

When I tailor a session for someone (business headshots or fashion images), I am here to capture each of their unique stories. As I create that connection, I empower them to be who they are.

Because that is the only way to create real and genuine stories for the audience.

Three Congressmen and a DreamWorks producer later, I continue to thrive for my own achievements and excellence… Not to impress anyone or be better than anyone, but simply to tell other people’s stories through my vision. There are still many more stories out there to share with the world.

This is truly my callings and what I love to do… I enjoy this journey of growth.

You might be the lucky one and I will tell your story next.

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